Thursday, January 2, 2014

Some other things that happened in 2013.

Since my last blog post was some  ?  months ago, thought I'd try to summarize the rest of 2013 for you in pictures.  It was a pretty quiet year, so it shouldn't take long.

Made a few bags:

Watched lots of this:

Built a cell:

Stitched some charity blocks:

Lit some candles:

Joined the 21st century:

Designed my first quilt block:

Made a last-minute gift:

Or two:

Met Jacquie Gering (!):

Caped three superheroes:

Ate waaaay too much of this:

Lost a kindergartner.  Gained a teenager:


Sent a swap package to Australia in June:


Got it back in December:

Got a little CRAZY:

Got a little SPACEY:


Ate waaaaay too much of this:

Made it through the storm:

Designed my first fabric:

Traded my basement office...

For a bright new space:

Determined by double-blind taste test our family's favorite yogurt:

Sent some love to Boston:

Then sent a little more:

Watched an awful lot of this:

And did waaaay too much of this:

Orphaned lots of blocks...


In lieu of this...

And this...

And this...


Met our gorgeous niece:


Took back the Frisco Bell:

Made it 1-for-4 in the LouBee Swap (three IOUs to go):

Made a little pillow:

Then, made a couple more:

And then some generous friends joined in, so we made a couple more:

Before the kids woke up on Christmas morning, I spent a quiet hour in bed giving thanks for all our many blessings.   

May 2014 keep us safe and strong.

Peace, hope and happiness.