Sunday, July 15, 2012

YUMMMMMMMMMM-Y! (And, the cake was good, too)

Yesterday marked the two-year anniversary of the St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild.  In addition to our regular meeting agenda, we kicked things up a notch with FOOD...

I hear that there was cake...  Did anyone get a picture of the cake???


A sampling of fabric goodies from Bon Bon Atelier's Pop-Up shop at yesterday's meeting.

And, SHOTS!  (Thought I was going to say "Friends," didn't you?)

Shot COTTONS, that is...  Luscious shot cottons...

Not to mention, FRIENDS:

2012 St. Louis Modern Quilt Guild - Happy Birthday, Ladies!

Thanks to our NEW friends, Betsy and Emily from Bon Bon Atelier, who so generously lugged half their shop with them from Kansas City (in laundry baskets) to help us celebrate the day!

Betsy and Emily from Bon Bon Atelier, a great little shop in Kansas City...  Thanks,  Ladies!

Here's to another great year of food, fabric, shots and friends!


  1. So glad you got pictures! Super fun meeting, shots and all!

  2. What a great meeting! Thank you Lynne for taking pictures!

  3. Super great meeting! Wonderful shopping! Thank you for these great pictures!

    Have a super great sewing, stitching, and picture taking day!

  4. Sad I missed it, but it is probably better for my budget I didn't get to the shots!

  5. We need a Modern Quilt Guild in my town... If only for the shot cotton. :)

    Happy 2nd Birthday to yours!