Sunday, March 17, 2013

Best laid plans...

I'm a planner.  Always have been.  Big plans.  Grand plans.  My in-laws mock me.  "Gotta have a plan."  Still.  A plan is important.  A plan gets you out of bed in the morning.

I've been planning spring break since...  Well...  Since I caught this crappy teaching assignment. Since before then, actually.  Since LAST spring break, when both of my offspring got stomach plague.  So, yes.  I had a plan for spring break.  You could say I had an uber plan.

But then, the fever hit.  Two, actually.  Little man for a couple of days, then Em... For a week. Not just a fever, mind you.  An uber fever.   A 104-degree fever.  A "quick, get her into the shower" fever.  The kind that leaves you shaking and weak in the knees, and you're not even the sick one.

Still.  I was grateful.  It wasn't a stomach bug.  I told everyone I knew, "Yeah, I had plans." And, "Sure, it's a shame.  But at least it's not a stomach bug."

The stomach bug hit yesterday.  And, today.  And from the looks of it, will likely stretch well into tomorrow.  If it's just the one.  If we've managed to effectively wash and bleach and quarantine everyone and everything in our tiny domicile before the OTHER one's exposed.


In lieu of planning for the next spring break-- exercise in futility that is-- I think I'll cover life since my last post so that next week-- when the biosafety level has dipped back beneath a two-- I'll (hopefully) be ready to post some real progress on something.*

*...provided I dodge the stomach bug.

Pretty Little Pouch Swap:  Made  

For Cindy (Flickr name: yayaquilter) who blogs over at Daisy Days.  Cindy loves hand embroidery, paper piecing, birds, linen, green and blue.  I spotted a pillow on the internet with this little guy on it (can no longer find the source), and managed to work out the paper piecing.

Anyone recognize this?  I'd like to credit the source.

I ran a little short on lining fabric, so I left Cindy a secret message for the pouch interior.  I like the end result.

The font is my latest love:  Janda Someone Like You, by Kimberly Geswein.  

After tucking a few goodies inside, I managed to get this into the mail only a day or two late, which is "early" given my history in swap participation.  :)

Pretty Little Pouch Swap:  Received

Green?  Love.  Essex yarn-dyed linen in black?  Scrappy patchwork?  Love.  Many thanks to Gabriela (Flickr name:  Lilac and Rose) who blogs over at Ten Things I Love for this super-cute zipper pouch.  I'm already using it to tote along an embroidery project!

You are My Sunshine 

The first time I sang You are My Sunshine to the Little Man at bedtime, he cried.  He said the whole song made him happy, except the last line.  "Mommy, I won't take your sunshine away. Can we sing it different next time?"  Since then, every night when I tuck him into bed, we end the song with the phrase, "Won't you be my sunshine today?"

I thought it might be nice, for the occasional nights I can't tuck him in, that he have a small pillow with the lyrics stitched on it.  It's a simple improv quilt-as-you-go using bits and strips from my yellow scrap jar.  The inspiration pillows here and here are two of my all-time favorites, by Cori over at Let's Eat Grandpa (LOVE that blog name...  Punctuation saves lives).  :)

The question that remains:  How and where do I add the lyrics?  Do I...

(a) spiral them outward from the white "sun?"
(b) stitch them as "rays" projecting from the white sun?  Or...
(c) stack them as typical stanzas on the bottom-right-hand side of the pillow?

LouBee Sampler:  Pincushion Block

This year, the Lou Bee girls are making a sewing-themed sampler quilt.  Each month, one member chooses/designs a paper-pieced block for each of the others to make using fabrics from their own collections.  We have some pretty great blocks so far:  sewing machines, spools, fabric stacks, even a sexy boot puttin' the pedal to the metal (which I will surely alter into a bootie sock, as I'm hardly hip enough to pull off the sexy boot action).  ;)

Although this round began back in August, I'm a tad behind, so I've only just managed to pull my fabrics:

It's mainly Tula Pink The Birds & The Bees, but there are a few pieces of Anna Maria Horner (Field Study and Little Folks voile) along with some Joel Dewberry (Aviary 2) and Robert Kaufman (London Calling cotton voile in sorbet).  The current plan is to pair these up with grey and white, although at the moment the overall layout is still highly, highly negotiable.

March was my month to contribute a pattern, so I decided to try my hand at a paper-pieced version of a pin cushion.  My first attempt was WAY too big, but after scaling it back a bit, I think it should finish close to the preferred size of 15-18 inches once I add some negative space.

I tried to finish a sample block in time for our last guild meeting, but sadly, that fell at the end of spring break  :/   I did manage to complete half of the wedges, though, and hope to finish the rest soon.  I'm not crazy about the letters I've pieced, but the ladies assure me they will do. Provided things come together as planned, I hope to mail the paper templates out by the end of the month.

In other news...

I gave Em her first sewing lesson:

And picked up a machine for her to use this summer (thanks for the tip, Rene!):

Repaired my collapsed fabric shelves (see background of above photo):

Reorganized my fabric (solids get their own shelves):

Commissioned a snow man:

Discovered a new quilt shop:

Pulled fabric for the Modern She Made Swap (will likely become a New York Beauty):

Picked my next two applique projects:

                                                                                                         OSHA-approved safety glasses will be included.

And survived two significant milestones:

Imagine what next spring will bring.


  1. Congrats on your milestones and thoes are lovely projects that you have been working on. I love that little birdie pouch. I am having a similar problem with lyrics and words on another project I am working on so I may check back to see what you decide. Sounds like you have some really great kids -- that comment about your little boy is soinnocent and sweet.

    1. Thanks for your comment! And, you're right about the kiddos. I'm pretty lucky. I just hope we can get them all feeling better soon.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I am always so amazed by not only what you take on; but finish. I LOVE the LouBee block that you designed and can't wait to add it to my pile; because of course I haven't made any headway on finishing any of them. You are in good company :-) You can definately bring it to the meeting, instead of mailing if you want. And look at you sharing your talents with the next generation. I hope your family is on the mend.

    1. We're getting there, Kristy. Thanks. :)