Saturday, March 23, 2013

I Spy... Bad karma (chameleon)?

I finally pulled some solids for Aidan's "I Spy" quilt.  They're a little "rainbow" for me, and I'm not sure how many will end up in the final product, but Aidan really likes them for now.

For the first time in my quilting life, I'm (thinking about) making BIG blocks:  13.5" finished.  I need a quick way to cover a full-sized bed with minimal quilting so that the end result is soft and fluffy.  This quilt by Erica over at Craftyblossom is my inspiration.   I LOVE the Echino, and her understated color palette, but Little Man likes to be "all colors of the rainbow."  :)  I estimate that her blocks are ~11.25" across (Echino glasses ~9.4 cm, or 3.7"), and I do like the scale, so I may end up shrinking mine to that size if things feel a little too sparse once the blocks go together.

Linen/Echino quilt by Craftyblossom.

I auditioned these two tonight, but I'm still undecided.  I need a few more on the design wall before I make up my mind.

One thing I did spot was an unfortunate fussy cut:

It's actually "1999," but it suuuuure doesn't look like it.  I'm not particularly superstitious, but I don't think I can bring myself to sew this into his quilt.  Can't you just see him at show-'n-tell?

"I spy with my little eye... demonic numerology!"



I've also had to fire up the flux capacitor this week to get ready for the "I *Heart* the '80s Swap" underway on Flickr.    You've probably seen a few of these pieces floating around Blogland: the Billy Idol quilt"Save Ferris" pillow, and Mix Tape Mug Rugs (genius).  For me, the '80s were about TV, movies, music and bangs.   I'll spare you the bangs (for the moment), but did put together a quick mosaic of some of my '80s favorites:

Unfortunately, my partner was...  Less specific.  She said only that she was born in 1984, so "late '80s might be best."  That narrows it to...  What?  Boy bands and Ninja Turtles?

I tried stalking her blog, to no avail.  She likes "Geocaching," (which--if I understand correctly-- is basically a GPS-assisted, world-wide scavenger hunt), but the only crafty items I found were a few small embroidery pieces, none of which had anything to do with the beloved decade of my youth.  After weeks of digging, I finally found her on Pinterest, along with one of my favorite cartoon quotes of all time, which I promptly stitched up... Disco style:

I know it doesn't exactly scream '80s, but Calvin first hit the funny papers in 1985, and his euphoria-demanding stance fits right in with that Alex P. Keaton Reaganomics mindset we all know and love.  Besides, anyone born in '84 is really a child of the '90s.  She can't possibly remember Lloyd Dobler's boombox serenade, Magnum P.I.'s Hawaiian shirts, David Addison's boxer shorts.  And, I couldn't pick a boy band out of a lineup, let alone a Ninja Turtle.  So when in doubt, stick with the classics.  :)

As for this guy, I'm not quite sure what to make of him.  I was going to frame him up in a small hoop, but I'm kind of digging the giant field of "disco dots."  Maybe a small pillow 'bedazzled' with friendship pins?  Or back him in fleece as a giant legwarmer?  Regardless, I'll have to hit the thrift shop later this week for some gen-u-INE '80s memorabilia.  Otherwise, the only memento I can send with my package is a Christmas Ball pic, circa 19__.

And, nobody wants that.


  1. Totally digging the Christmas Ball pic and your Mosaic. I agree with you, I like Calvin in the wide space, makes it pop that much more. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

  2. Lynne -- I was born in 82 so you could probably base her project off my photomosaic and be good to go -- that calivn and hobbs is great. thoes of us that were younger in this generation are more drawn to the bright colors and playfullness of the cartoons than all the truly great things that you remember of the 80's. Though many of us were brought up watching or rewatching shows like mash and the movies through our parents. Best of luck on your project -- I gotta get started myself. firing up the flux capacitor --- made my smile this morning

  3. I like your blocks - maybe you can put the block in so it says "999". :)

    The Calvin is great! I love him! Great stitching.

  4. Dyed shoes! Remember dyed shoes? oh that picture brings back the memories...awesome!